Where do you work out of?

Currently most of my work is done @ The Bull Studios in Miami, FL. but I have travelled to different cities to accomodate budgets many times.

How much do you cost?

Everything will depend on the scale of the project. Budget, role (producer, engineer and/or mixer), goal of the project, locations etc.

For answers to this please shoot me an email in the contact section to get a conversation going.

We are looking to have you only engineer or only mix our music, is that possible?

Of course, I mix records for clients based far from me all the time.  I also have no problem recording just drums or just guitars which happens from time to time.

How long does it take to record or mix ?

This depends on many factors.  How many songs, the instrumentation, how prepared/rehearsed all musicians are, the actual goal for the recording.  A full album can be tracked in anywhere from 3-14 days comfortably.  Mixing can be 3-7 days depending if it were engineered by Ryan or the quality of tracks received from another engineer.

When are you available?

Best to send an email in the contact section.  Typical sessions are booked at least a month+ in andvance.

Other Questions?  Dont hesitate to contact for anything else

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