Ryan was raised in South Florida and began playing music by the age of nine. At 12 years old he was already writing music and playing in bands and recording demos on household cassette decks. He completed a jazz studies degree in 2006 and would then assist the recording program @ Miami Dade College.  In 2007 he began recording his own projects as well with working full time at The Dungeon Studios in Miami FL where he would begin to work on projects with Capsule, Torche, Lil Daggers, The Crumbs Holly Hunt, New Found Glory, Jacuzzi Boys,  Mark Hudson (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne), Mike Marsh (Dashboard Confessional, Avett Brothers) and many more. He soon started his own studio and made countless records until 2017 where he set up shop @ The Bull in North Miami, FL. Ryan has also toured extensively all over the world doing live sound for many well known national acts in the metal and heavy music scene. Since 2003 Ryan has been a member playing guitar/bass for bands such as Capsule, Wrong, Pyschic Mirrors, House of Lightning 

His goal is to make honest, sonically rewarding records for bands/musicians looking for a unique recording.




Doing whatever it takes to improve the song(s) as much as possible. This can range from very hands on to light suggestions


Recording operation, editing, mic placement, and anything else to technically capture the recording


Equalization, compression, automation, adding effects and all thats necessary to give the music its finalized presentation



Want to make some music?  Send an email with a description of the project, length, ideas and any pertinent details.  Rates vary depending on the nature of the project. Feel free to reach out with any questions or CLICK HERE for FAQ

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